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RD160 Roadside Ditcher

Engine-Powered V-Ditcher

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Ditching is a demanding application. And the Maddock Model 160 Ditcher is built tough to handle the work. In the transport position the Model 160 is 102 inches (40.16 c.m.) wide. Standard equipment on this rotary ditcher includes a 200 h.p. Caterpillar diesel engine, 50 gal. fuel tank, 25 gal. hydraulic tank and electric operator controls for the hydraulic functions. The machine weighs approximately 20,000 lbs. The replaceable tungsten carbide cutter bits are extremely durable and give long life in this application.

Safety Features
The cutter head hydraulic circuit has a built-in pressure relief valve that will stall the cutter head at a predetermined pressure. This aids in protecting the cutter head in case of contact with underground obstructions. An “Emergency Stop” button is located in the operator’s station to serve as a kill switch for the engine and cutter drive.

Operator Controls
The operator’s job of keeping the cutterhead level is made easy through the use of a Sunstrand automatic level controller similar to those used on asphalt pavers. This controller can be engaged and disengaged from the operators station via a two-position switch. A 6-way joystick control provides the operator with control of the boom and carriage cylinders, thus providing boom raise and lower, right-left movement of the boom carriage, as well as manual control of the head tilt function. Moving the cutter head right or left using the carriage control does not change the cutting depth, as in other machines.

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Equipment Type 
Pull-type, self-powered roadside ditcher.
Right-hand discharge

Engine Drive 
Caterpillar C6.6, turbo-diesel, 213 HP

Drive Type 
Hydraulically driven planetary drive.

System Control 
Joystick controls in Operator Control Station.

Cutter Head 
Steel drum with Tungsten-carbide cutter bits.
V-shaped ditch, flat bottom and 38 degree sides
Depth of ditch 27 inches.
Outreach of 66 inches.
Downreach of 60 inches
Optional extended boom.

Tires & Wheels 
Four, 33/1150 x 16.5 R4 tires
Walking beam suspension.

50 gal. fuel tank
Approx. 10 hours of operating time

Length 17 feet, width 8 feet, 6 inches
Weight Operating weight of 20,000 lbs.