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84E Asphalt Recycler

Designed for Road Repair using Partial-Depth, Cold, In-Place Recycling and Full-Depth Reclamation

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The Model 84E Asphalt Recycler is a tow-type machine with a 84 inch (7 foot) cutting width. With a 450 horsepower diesel engine dedicated to the cutter drive, the Model 84E has more horsepower per foot of cut than any machine in its class. Combined with a 100% mechanical drive line, the 84E puts all of the available power to the cutter drum, unlike self-propelled machines that use a portion of the power to propel, steer, etc. This additional power is a key to the production and performance of this design. And, the mechanical drive is more efficient and less expensive to maintain.

Cutter Drive
The standard cutter drum for the Model 84E has a maximum cutting depth of 8 inches, with an optional reclaimation drum allowing a 12 inch cutting depth. The arrangement of the cutter bits on the drum (bit-lacing pattern) is designed for optimum performance in the Partial-Depth, Cold, In-Place Recycling method of road rehabilitation. Since the graduation of the milled material is the single most important factor for consistent quality in the recycling process, Maddock Construction Equipment has used extensive testing to determine the best combination of bit-lacing pattern and drum speed to achieve this quality of material gradation.

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Equipment Type 
John Deere Industrial. 6135 (135 liter) 6 cylinder turbo-diesel, 450 horsepower, standard. Optional engine configuration up to 500 HP available.

Mechanical. Belt-driven planetary gear drive rated at 41,000+ lbs ft. torque.

Drum Assembly 
Width of cut: 84", (213 c.m.)
Diameter of bits: 36.5" (93 c.m.)
Number of bits: 184
Type of bit: Std. carbide tip, conical Bit shank diameter: 3/4" (20 mm.)
Max depth of cut: 8" (20 c.m.) - Std. drum
Other drums available to 12" depth (30 c.m.)

Weight: Approx 28,000 lbs (12,700 kg)
Length: 23' 4" (7.1 meters)
Width: 109" (277 c.m.)
Height: 99"

Fuel Tank. 135 U.S. Gallons

Chassis and all components except engine, tires, and drive belts: 1 year from date of delivery, 100% parts and labor.

John Deere Engine: 12 months, unlimited hours, or 24 months prior to the accumulation of 2,000 hours. 100% parts and labor. See warranty for details